Put yourself out there

Whose Tagline is it anyway screenshot

So today I did something pretty scary.

After only having started copywriting two months ago, I appeared onĀ Terry Schilling‘s LIVE show to go head-to-head to create a tagline in just 25 seconds.

First things first, I didn’t vomit through anxiety!

And secondly, I won! (How, I don’t know…)

Putting yourself out there is a scary thing to do.

You make yourself vulnerable.

You’re exposed. You could fail, and even worse, fail in front of people whose opinions you respect (like experienced copywriters like Terry, for example…)

Looking like a fool is no fun, so why do it?

Because the rewards are so big for those that get over their fear and put themselves out there anyway.

If everyone else is too scared to shoot for an opportunity, that could be your competitive advantage!

Check out the video below…

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