Be like the snail

Prioritise direction over speed_1


It can be demoralising to look around and see people that seem waaaaaay ahead of you…

‘Hold on, they’re five years younger than I am and they’re speaking at conferences, travelling to all these cool places and they’ve written a book?! Where do they find the time…’

It’s too easy to get trapped in the cycle of looking to others to determine your own goals – playing a game of catch-up that will NEVER end.

Instead, think about your direction. No matter how long it’s taking you, are you heading the right way?

Are you even aiming for the right things?

Forget about how fast other people are achieving things, whatever age they are…take a closer look at where you’re going and whether it’s right for you.

Be like my friend the snail.

Focus on direction over speed.

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