Traffic & Audience Report – October 2020

October Traffic and audience report 2020

October 2020 Traffic & Audience Report

Website Stats             

Below are the traffic figures for October 2020, and a description of what went on behind the scenes. Fill your boots, friend! 

Social Media

The majority of my social media posts these days are focused on getting people to listen to new episodes of the Working From Home podcast.

It’s going well and we’re getting more listens each week, but I haven’t streamlined the process as well as I could so I’m working on that this month.

As well as the podcast, I want to create at least one post a week that drives sign-ups to my newsletter, but I haven’t managed to find the time just yet.



Although it seems like a lifetime ago, the Working From Home podcast finally went live!

I was more relieved than anything…it has taken a lot of time and effort to get this off the ground at a level that I’m happy letting people listen to. But with most things in life, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

We released the first three episodes in the same week – the first two on a Tuesday and then the third on Thursday. 

The idea behind releasing multiple episodes at once was to give those people who finished the first episode the opportunity to go straight on to a new episode. 

From now on, we’re aiming to release one episode every Tuesday. Let’s see how we do!


I added three articles to my site in October, which was fewer than the previous month, but felt more manageable.

I’m happy with this rate of content creation, considering I’m also trying to grow my business and my podcast, so this amount of work felt about right to me. 

I’m releasing an ultimate guide to freelance copywriting really soon, so I’m excited to see how that performs.

Overall, the website is seeing slow-but-steady growth. My years working in SEO have prepared me for this though – I know how long it can take to get a new website with zero domain authority off the ground and I know that I just need to keep my head down and focus on the process, not the metrics, at least for now.

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