Traffic & Audience Report – June 2020

Traffic and Audience Report - June 2020

June 2020 Traffic & Audience Report

You may have seen that I’m sharing my income and expenses every month, to share my journey but also to provide guidance for aspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs. It also has the added benefits of motivating me and keeping me accountable! You can see the first one here.

In the same vein, I’d like to share what’s happening with some of the other metrics that I’ve been tracking, as I start this website from scratch and my social presence from, well, slightly more than nothing. I’ve never really used social media for myself – I have a Twitter account for example, but it had been dormant for quite a while before this!

For now, I’m including stats on my website and Twitter.

I’m also using LinkedIn, but they make it so hard to see stats over multiple posts that I’m just not going to bother. For now, just know that when I post, I tend to get between 0 and 3 likes – riveting!

Once I add new platforms, like email and YouTube, for example, I’ll add these in as well.

So, with no further ado, here are June’s numbers:



Organic search (from GA): 2

Domain Authority (ahrefs): 0.3

Linking Websites (ahrefs): 1

Backlinks (ahrefs): 7



Tweets: 0

Total impressions: 0

Average impressions per tweet: 0

Profile visits: 0

Retweets: 0

Likes: 0

Mentions: 0

New followers: 0

Total followers: 222

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