Traffic & Audience Report – July 2020

Traffic and Audience Report - July 2020

July 2020 Traffic & Audience Report

This is the Traffic and Audience Report for July 2020. If you’re looking for the Income Report for the same month, just click here.


Social Media

So, in July I tried to increase my output on social media. 

From a mindset perspective, I found this difficult. I don’t normally post anything to any of my personal social media channels, so it’s taken a little bit of adjustment so far. I’m still not completely comfortable with putting myself out there like this, but I’m hoping that I’ll get there, little by little. 

As you may have seen from July’s income report, I’ve had a designer work on some graphics for social media, which I’ve started to use, and I’m also working with someone to help me produce a podcast called ‘Working From Home’. 

The social media graphics are great because I almost feel like I have an excuse to say something, whereas previously I struggled to have anything to say that I thought the audience would find value in.

The process I’m using goes a little something like this…when I think of things I want to share or I see something that inspires me, I jot it down in a Google Doc. Then my designer goes in every so often to turn my ideas or quotes into graphics. They then send me a few draft ideas in batches, and I give them my feedback. They’ll put together the designs, and after a little bit of back and forth, we’ll agree and I’ll save the designs somewhere to be used over the next few weeks. Once I’ve published them, I move them from the ‘yet to be used’ to ‘used’ folder for clarity. This doesn’t mean that I won’t use them again or recycle them with a different message, it just helps me to understand how many I have left.


I mentioned the podcast earlier. This is something that’s in the works, and realistically the first episode probably won’t be published until September.

With that said, there’s an awful lot of work that needs to happen before then, including creating processes for everything from finding guests, to publishing a finished product and promoting it…and everything in-between! 

There aren’t any stats on it for now though, so today we’re going to stick to progress on my website and Twitter account.


Total users: 79

Total sessions: 110

Organic search: 4

Domain Authority: 0.8

Linking Websites: 3

Backlinks: 8



Tweets: 112

Total impressions: 21k

Average impressions per tweet: 1.75k

Profile visits: 206

Retweets: 3

Likes: 86

Mentions: 39

New followers: 16

Total followers: 238

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