Small tasks become big achievements

Planters - break big goals into smaller ones

Today I helped my father-in-law move 1 whole tonne of soil for his new planters.

It would have been impossible for us to move it all at once, so we slowly shovelled it into a wheelbarrow and wheeled it around the house, load by load.

After a couple of hours, a bit of sweat, and surprisingly little swearing, we were done.

What looked like a insurmountable task when seen as a whole became infinitely easier when broken down into smaller pieces.

I think almost every big goal in business in like this.

You want to sell $1m worth of t-shirts this year? Fine, sell one. And then create a scalable system to sell another one, and another.

Want to build the biggest, baddest company in your industry? Build a small one first, and gradually win new customers one by one.

Got a big, audacious goal?

Break it down into a series of smaller steps and get to work.

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