Live for today

Live for today

We spend too much of our time remembering or anticipating.

Living in the past or looking forward to the future.

What can we do to feel happy now?

Most people’s minds jump straight to meditation or yoga or other spiritual and contemplative exercises, but it can be so much simpler…

…we can be thankful for the food we’re about to eat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a home-cooked meal or a Mars Bar. Just take a moment to savour each mouthful before moving on to the next.

…we can take a second to reply to the group Whatsapp that we haven’t touched in a few days and let your friends know you’re thinking of them.

…we can take a look out our windows and listen to the sounds. Even better, we can take a walk outside and breathe it all in (quarantine permitting).

However you do it, take a second to forget about yesterday, ignore tomorrow, and just enjoy today.

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