Traffic & Audience Report – August 2020

TRaffic and audience report august 2020

August 2020 Traffic & Audience Report

This is the Traffic and Audience Report for August 2020. If you’re looking for the Income Report for the same month, just click here.


Social Media

In August I made a change. I stopped posting to Twitter and switched to LinkedIn. This was based on the recommendations of other copywriters that had built a six-figure business through regular posts on the platform. 

As part of the Write Minds community, I took part in a LinkedIn posting competition, which meant I had to post to LinkedIn on every weekday. 

At the beginning I found it tough to come up with ideas and reply to all the comments, but by the end it was a lot easier. 

With that said, posting every weekday became arduous, so I think in September I’m going to be posting a few times per week, rather than every weekday. 

I also decided to try and add 20-30 people to my connections every day.

And the results?

While at the beginning of August I was struggling to get 500 views and barely any interactions, by the end of the month most of my posts were receiving between 1,000-2,000 views, and many likes and comments, which felt like a pat on the back for my perseverance. 

I also got a few potential clients reaching out to me through LinkedIn, presumably after seeing one of my posts. I didn’t close any of them as my rates were higher than they were looking for, but nonetheless, validation that my approach in August had some legs at least!

While I’d love to give you specific stats on LinkedIn, the analytics for personal profiles is rubbish, and I’m not sure the trade-off for going back and counting everything up manually is worth the effort!


On a personal level it’s been a busy month. Moving up and down the country, seeing family and friends and trying to fit in work has been difficult. 

I only managed to record one podcast during the month, which was one shy of my target, but will ramp up the activity in September, and already have a number of both pre-recording and podcast recording sessions booked in which I’m pleased with. We’re on track to go live in September still, which was the original goal.


The website is slowly progressing. I’m starting to add more content to it each month, but I probably need to get more of a schedule in place, so I’m going to aim to publish at least two articles per month that will likely be anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Towards the end of September I want to have a basic process in place for guest blogging as well, in order to build up some authority on my site and reach potential customers. 

At some point in the future I need to update my sales copy on my homepage, as I haven’t touched it since my rushed job a couple of months ago. Essentially I began applying for jobs on Upwork and just needed something up that I could point to. The copy definitely served its purpose, but isn’t anywhere near the standard I’d like for my own site, so that’ll need to be fixed. 

Website Stats             

Total users: 82 (3.8% increase)

Total sessions: 154 (40% increase)

Organic search: 13 (225% increase)

Domain Authority: 0.9 (12.5% increase)

Linking Websites: 3 (no change)

Backlinks: 16 (100% increase)

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