Turn strangers into customers with an all-in-one, full sales funnel copywriting service

Leave the overwhelm behind and concentrate on what you do best – serving your customers and clients

Is your sales funnel letting you down?


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re having trouble turning indifferent strangers into warm, excited leads or customers that rave about you
  • The overwhelm is too much – you’re drowning under a sea of tasks and have no time to write your own copy
  • You want to outsource your copy but need someone to perfectly match your tone of voice, so even your mama wouldn’t know the difference


If your head is nodding up and down like a figurine on a car dashboard then you’re in the right place…

Using a tried-and-tested research and copywriting system, I’ll help you create a high-converting sales funnel that captures leads, converts them into customers, upsells and re-engages them.

I’ve Got Your Back

Go from overwhelmed to empowered as I guide you through the exact processes and steps involved for the perfect funnel.

My battle-hardened copy strategies will whip up attention and desire for your offer, even in saturated markets.

So sit back and let me take the reins as I write high-converting copy that’s 50% personality, 50% direct-response, 100% results-driven. (Fortunately for both of us, my writing skills are substantially better than my Maths skills.)

"Nailed the tone of voice..."

“Nelson helped me create the content for my homepage, and wow… I don’t know what I would do without him! He nailed the tone of voice for my content and helped me build a page that showcased my value and nurtured my audience. If you need help writing killer sales pages or landing pages, he’s your man.”


— Liam Carnahan, Content Strategist and SEO Expert, Inkwell Content

A Shot of Adrenaline to Your Sales Funnel

The number one job of your sales funnel should be to create happy, perfect leads who are desperate to buy what you’re selling.

It exists for one reason and one reason only – to convert strangers into leads, clients and customers.

Not a large number of mediocre, lukewarm, low-quality email addresses. A list of high-quality prospects, 99% of who will go on to become your customers and clients.

I’ve developed a repeatable system to captivate, attract and convert strangers, and I want to use it to help your business smash every sales record you’ve ever set.

I've helped over 60 companies grow. Will yours be next?

"Delivered good content and went beyond..."

“Nelson always understood our brief, delivered good content and went beyond to highlight new opportunities for us to engage with our audience. “

— Roger Benton, Head of Marketing Communications, & Content, and eMarketing, Bosch Rexroth

Here's what you'll get

  • Authentic language that reads like it’s come straight out of your ideal customers’ mouths. Anyone else sick and tired off the icky clickbait BS that’s turning customers off by the dozen? I certainly am. It’s making it harder and harder to succeed for honest companies, coaches, consultants and course creators who actually have value to offer. You won’t get any of that here (mainly because it makes me vomit.)
  • An irrestible offer that will have your perfect lead clicking frantically for more. If you’re getting low-quality leads (or no leads) then your offer might be the problem. I’ll help you transform your bog-standard offer from ignored to inspired. It’ll be green lights, and yes, yes, yes all the way. 
  • Create the optimal funnel structure for success. When it comes to Krispy Kremes, more is better. But when it comes to funnels? Yeah…not so much! I’ll help you put an end to long, complex funnels that look like your headphones after they’ve knotted in your pocket and need a PHD in engineering to understand. I’ll tell you what you actually need and then create it for you.
  • Pinpoint exactly where your current efforts are missing the mark. If you have an existing funnel which isn’t delivering results, I’ll identify which parts are letting you down. I’ll give you advice to fix it yourself or a quote for me to create the missing piece of the puzzle. Either way, you’ll leave with a sales funnel that generates results.

"As comfortable designing strategies as implementing them...."

“Nelson’s knowledge of digital marketing is brilliantly practical. It’s rare to meet someone who is as comfortable designing strategies to grow companies…as they are actually implementing marketing campaigns from the ground-up…That’s a rare mix to find!”

— Shaaz Nasir, Director of Digital Transformation, Microsoft

What Makes This Copywriter So Different?

Average copywriters are ten-a-penny (or ten-a-cent for my friends across the pond – and funnily enough about 70% of my clients are based in the US.)

Good copywriters produce decent work that gets the job done, but doesn’t move the needle.

Amazing copywriters follow a tried-and-tested process that focuses on customer research to understand the audience’s pain points, desires and language. They judge themselves on results – the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars their copy generates. Nothing else matters.

But the best copywriters aren’t just copywriters, they’re marketing experts.

With more than 10 years in digital marketing, working in social media, SEO, PPC and CRO, I understand marketing funnels…I know how to use copywriting to get results.

As a digital marketer, I’ve done it all, operating from a high-level strategic perspective all the way down to in-the-trenches, day-to-day execution. I get stuff done, but more importantly, I get the right stuff done.

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"His work has truly elevated the success of our clients...."

“Nelson has an incredible sense of what can work, but it also able to judiciously experiment, test and think outside of the norm. His work has truly elevated the success of our clients. Anyone who has an opportunity to utilize Nelson’s talents will be greatly blessed and will soon recognize they are working with someone on their side

— Bret Williams, Ecommerce Maverick, Maverick Ecommerce

Fluffy prose has your business treading water.

Compelling copywriting is a speedboat at full throttle.

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