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It can be tough for freelancers to find the perfect invoice template to charge their clients for the work they’ve done. But you’re a strong, independent freelancer…you need to earn a living and put food on the table for your family (or your pet snake Jeremy). Part of being a freelancer is billing your clients in a professional and regular manner – hence this freelancer invoice template.

Also, here’s a quick life lesson for anyone that needs to hear it – the tax man (or woman, there’s enough loathing to go around) will want to see them when you do your returns. If haven’t sent your clients invoices and kept them safely then be prepared for some super awkward conversations.

Your freelancer invoice needs to be professional, concise and clear.

Clients generally aren’t impressed if you yell ‘Oi, geezer, where’s my money?!’

Take that approach and you’ll probably get paid once, and rather quickly I might add, but you won’t get many referrals.

Automated Invoicing or Manual Invoicing?

You’ve got two options when creating your invoice: accountancy software or the manual approach.

Although many types of accountancy software like FreshBooks (they’re currently offering a free trial of their software, and that’s an affiliate link just FYI) or QuickBooks can automatically generate and send invoices for you, if you don’t have regular clients, or the moolah to spend on fancy-pants software, then you need to go old-school.

Not carrier pigeon old-school, or even fax old-school, but sometimes you need that extra piece of mind knowing that you’ve created your own invoice and had the chance to double-check the figures, cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

Have no fear friend, I’ve got your back…and your front. Download the Freelancer Invoice Template that I use to bill my clients by entering your email address above or below.

Once downloaded, just switch out the big INSERT X HERE that I’ve highlighted in yellow, and you’ll be hot to trot in less time than it takes to microwave a Pot Noodle.

What should a Freelancer Invoice Template Include?

Good question, chum. Although I’ve given you a starting point in my template, you may want to create your own (*sniff* totally not offended at all…)

Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Client name – great for your records, but also for the client in case they forget who they are. It doesn’t happen often, but best to PLAY IT SAFE
  • Your name or your freelancer business name– always helpful. After all, you don’t want that freeloader Janet who lives down the road getting paid instead of you, do you?
  • The invoice number – these normally look a little something like ‘#00001’. I tend to use the client’s business as initials and then add a number, so if in some weird turn of events I was invoicing myself, Nelson Jordan, the invoice number would be #NJ1
  • The work you’re charging them for – although the client will hopefully know what you’ve been doing, most organisations will have a finance team who will process your invoice. Help them out a little and avoid delayed payments
  • Your email address – as above, the finance team may want to contact you directly to get some more details
  • The method of billing – have you been working hourly, by project or on a retainer? Let them know
  • The amount – best not to leave this one up to fate, otherwise you’ll end up living in a kindly farmer’s barn instead of the mansion you deserve
  • The currency – you know what’s great? Seeing $5,000 USD land in your account after a project well done. What’s not so great is seeing 5,000 Japanese Yen when you realise you forgot to add the currency. This has NEVER happened to me, I swear
  • Your banking details – some clients are bad, some clients are amazing. No clients are telepaths. Give them everything they need – this will change depending on country, but be especially careful when operating internationally, they may need extra details you don’t normally send. Reduce delayed payments by asking this ahead of time
  • When it’s due – do you have any specific payment terms, e.g. due in 7 or 15 days? Let them know, but be warned, your client may have payment terms of their own and they might not line up. Save yourself some heartache and have this conversation before you start working together

I hope that helps you understand what you need to put into your freelancer invoice template. If not, shoot me a question and I’ll try and help. Want to download your own invoice template and just enter the details? Great, enter your email in the form and you’ll be sent an editable document automatically.