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Persuasive copywriting for businesses gunning for growth

Shouldn’t your website work as hard at selling as you do?

Let’s keep this simple. You want more leads, more sales and more authority in your industry.

And you want to work with someone who can deliver this on-time, on-budget and who takes your business as seriously as you do.

I’ve got good news for you – you’re in the right place.

I offer four services:

  1. Website Copywriting – for businesses who already have traffic, but aren’t seeing the conversions they hoped for
  2. Content Strategy and Creation – for businesses looking to get more organic traffic to their website and want someone to manage the whole process from start to finish
  3. Email Copywriting – for businesses looking to increase their sales and leads, nurture and retain subscribers
  4. Full Sales Funnel Copywriting – for businesses who have an existing sales funnel that needs overhauling or a new sales funnel from scratch. This includes copy for social media ads, opt-in pages, lead magnets, sales pages and email automation. Find out more here.
I work on a project and a monthly retainer basis.

"Nailed the tone of voice..."

“Nelson helped me create the content for my homepage, and wow… I don’t know what I would do without him! He nailed the tone of voice for my content and helped me build a page that showcased my value and nurtured my audience. If you need help writing killer sales pages or landing pages, he’s your man.”


— Liam Carnahan, Content Strategist and SEO Expert, Inkwell Content

Ready to get started?

The Ideal Situation

We all know what visitors do when they see your site, right? They delight over your descriptions, eulogize your emails, wonder over your words and add as many of your products to their cart as their credit card allows.

They consume your content marketing like locusts and hammer the ‘contact us’ button with all the ferocity of a carpenter on a deadline.

Or…do they disappear silently into the night, never to be heard from again?

Your website's a leaky bucket...

If the only way you can increase your revenue or leads is increasing your advertising budget, then you my friend, have a leaky bucket.

Before you seek me out to give me a good ol’ taste of Crime and Punishment (that is what you’ve named your fists, right?), please let me explain.

If your bucket (read: website) is holier than the pope, it doesn’t matter how much money you pour into the Zuckerberg advertising machine. Your visitors will not become customers.

So what can we do about it?

The answer, if you haven’t already guessed, is persuasive copywriting. The same thing that’s kept you reading this far is the same thing than can tell, compel and sell to your customers.

It’s what screams “Hey! You over there scrolling on your phone…we have what you’re looking for!”

Words have enormous power. But only if you know how to wield them.

I've helped over 50 companies grow. Will yours be next?

"Delivered good content and went beyond..."

“Nelson always understood our brief, delivered good content and went beyond to highlight new opportunities for us to engage with our audience. “

— Roger Benton, Head of Marketing Communications, & Content, and eMarketing, Bosch Rexroth


Website Copy

Getting plenty of visitors but not seeing the sales you expected? Then there’s a good chance your copy isn’t pulling its weight.

Good copy excites your customers, keeps them reading, and closes the sale.

Great copy makes your brand seem like the only game in town.

  • Projects span from single pages to entire websites
  • Prices include competitor and customer research

Content Strategy

If you’re not getting many visitors from Google, then there’s a good chance you’re not appearing for the right search terms.

As a former SEO professional and a copywriter, I’m perfectly positioned to execute in-depth keyword research, craft the articles that will get you ranking, and give on-going advice on your content strategy. 

  • Projects and ongoing retainers considered
  • Single articles and complete content marketing strategy and implementation (including podcasts, videos, articles and social media)


If you need to turn your subscribers into sales, then this is the service for you.

Most companies aren’t squeezing enough value from their lists, instead relying on driving more traffic through paid advertising.

  • Single sales emails
  • Regular newsletters
  • Automated sequences or flows, including welcome series, abandoned carts, upsells and product launches

"As comfortable designing strategies as implementing them...."

“Nelson’s knowledge of digital marketing is brilliantly practical. It’s rare to meet someone who is as comfortable designing strategies to grow companies…as they are actually implementing marketing campaigns from the ground-up…That’s a rare mix to find!”

— Shaaz Nasir, Director of Digital Transformation, Microsoft

What should you expect when we work together?

This is the process we’ll follow for a typical project.

1. Fill in the 'Request Copywriting' form
Just let me know your name, best email address, website, and which service you require (website copy, email copy or blogging). If there's anything extra you think I'll need to know, please include details.
2. It's quote time
I respond to every query. If I have enough detail, I'll send you a quote right away . If not, I'll email you my questions, or arrange a call with you, whichever you'd prefer.
3. Answer the Copywriting Questionnaire
If I think we'd be a good fit, and you're happy with the quote, I'll send you a copywriting questionnaire to get a better idea of your brief. The more detail you give in your answers, the better my work will be.
4. First draft
I'll let you know when you can expect a first draft. And I'll deliver it.
5. Unlimited revisions
From completing the first draft, I offer unlimited revisions for one month, providing there is no fundamental shift in the direction of the copy.

Why are you still reading? It's time to take action!

Just hit the ‘Request Copywriting’ button and let me know what you need. I’ll be in touch within 2 business days. (Realistically, it’ll be more like 45 minutes, but there you go…)

"His work has truly elevated the success of our clients...."

“Nelson has an incredible sense of what can work, but it also able to judiciously experiment, test and think outside of the norm. His work has truly elevated the success of our clients. Anyone who has an opportunity to utilize Nelson’s talents will be greatly blessed and will soon recognize they are working with someone on their side

— Bret Williams, Ecommerce Maverick, Maverick Ecommerce

Fluffy prose has your business treading water.

Compelling copywriting is a speedboat at full throttle.

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If you know you need copywriting, but you’re not sure what you need and you’d like some help developing a brief, you can book a free 30 minute Discovery Call.