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SaaS Copywriting For Every Stage Of The Customer Journey

It doesn’t matter whether you’re bootstrapped and growing profitably or VC-backed and seeking a rocket ship trajectory, your software company NEEDS to grow.

Growth is the air SaaS companies need to breathe. Without it, they suffocate and die.

To grow, you need traffic and you need conversions.

I can bring you both.

What are you looking for?

‘I want more organic traffic

Great – I’ll help you increase your visitors from search engines, through:

  • Content strategy
  • Content and SEO blog creation
  • Content refresh

‘I want more conversions

Fantastic – I’ll help you increase your leads and sign-ups, through:

  • Conversion-optimized web copy
  • Email copy – Activation, Acquisition, Retention, Revenue, Referral (the ‘AARRR Framework’)

Client Results That Make Me Burst With Pride

Here are two companies that understand that conversion-oriented web copy and SEO-optimized blog content is like having your own private army of dedicated salespeople working hard to grow your business 24/7, 365.

Pyrex – Massive growth for an already-established company

I used my knowledge of content strategy, keyword research and SEO to increase Pyrex’s organic search traffic by 50% in nine months. This led to a massive increase in sales and revenue and paid for the activity many hundreds of times over.

Plumbase – Helping a six-figure business make their first million

I used my knowledge of CRO and conversion copywriting to increase Plumbase’s online revenue by 242% in six months. My work led to a 63% YOY increase in conversion rate, an 81% increase in customer transactions and an 89% increase in AOV.

I've helped more than 70 companies grow. Will yours be next?

Hi, I’m Nelson Jordan - SaaS Copywriter, Growth Marketer & Host of the Working From Home Podcast

Here are three things you should know about me:

  • I deliver incredible results for my clients. Not just vanity metrics either. Real increases that you can see in your leads, sign-up and sales data (not to mention your bank account!)
  • I’m not JUST a copywriter. I’ve worked in digital marketing for more than 10 years, for more than 70 companies. I’ve worked in Paid Social, SEO, PPC and CRO. I’ve managed paid campaigns up to $200,000 p/m, built high-converting sales funnels, and I’m also a CXL Conversion Rate Optimizer, so it’s safe to say I know the place of high-quality content and copy in the sales and marketing process.
  • IMPORTANT! I only take on clients who:
    • I can deliver stellar, shout-it-from-the-rooftops results for.
    • Are focused on growing their SaaS business.
    • Are in it for the long-haul and are prepared to make the necessary investments to get there.


Need someone to farm a few blogs out to each month?

That ain’t me!

Looking for a long-term partner who’s invested in your success and won’t stop until you’ve smashed all your goals?

We’ll get on like a house on fire!

Lovely Words From Lovely People

The first testimonial is even from Microsoft (what a coup!):

"Nelson’s knowledge of digital marketing is brilliantly practical. It’s rare to meet someone who is as comfortable designing strategies to grow companies…as they are actually implementing marketing campaigns from the ground-up...That’s a rare mix to find!"
Shaaz Nasir
Director of Digital Transformation, Microsoft
"Nelson helped me create the content for my homepage, and wow... I don't know what I would do without him! He nailed the tone of voice for my content and helped me build a page that showcased my value and nurtured my audience. If you need help writing killer sales pages or landing pages, he's your man."
Liam Carnahan
Content Strategist and SEO Expert, Inkwell Content
"Nelson always understood our brief, delivered good content and went beyond to highlight new opportunities for us to engage with our audience. "
Roger Benton
Head of Marketing Comms., Content and eMarketing, Bosch Rexroth
“Nelson has an incredible sense of what can work, but it also able to judiciously experiment, test and think outside of the norm. His work has truly elevated the success of our clients. Anyone who has an opportunity to utilize Nelson's talents will be greatly blessed and will soon recognize they are working with someone on their side”
Bret Williams
Maverick Ecommerce
“Nelson quickly got an excellent grasp of our (ABB's) product portfolio, bringing recommendations from the off. I've had the pleasure of recently working with him on a project for a client, where he really shined with his excellent copywriting skills, bringing life and colour to their story. Overall I would not hesitate to work with Nelson again, and recommend you get in touch to see how he can help you.“
Andy Sealey
Global Marketing Communications Specialist
“Working in the finance industry, regulations on what you can and can’t say are strict. I needed a copywriter who could make my company sound authoritative without coming off as dry, while also staying within certain legal boundaries. Nelson delivered that in spades. He was able to make a complex subject sound simple and easy to understand, while positioning my business as a leading player in the market. He was fantastic to work with, brought a collaborative attitude to the table and delivered the words that I wish I could have written myself – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!“
Michael May
Founder of Secured Lending Auditing Ltd.

Increase Your Organic Traffic

Content Strategy

Work with an SEO professional to map out the content that you need to rank for your keywords. Includes keyword research, competitor analysis and the exact topics you need to cover in order to outrank your competition in the search engines.

SEO-Optimised Blog Creation

Let’s partner for the long-term and create content that ranks your website and wows your customers. I’ll handle the keyword research and content creation to get you there. SEO used to be my full-time job, so I know my stuff and have the results to prove it.

SEO Content Refresh

Don’t let your old blogs and resources gather dust. I’ll reinvigorate them with a shot of adrenaline and get them the rankings they deserve!

Grow your company through conversion copy and SEO-optimized blogs

Increase Your Conversions

Conversion-Optimized Web Copy

Got the traffic but not seeing the conversions you need to hit your growth goals? I’ll produce the copy you need to grow your sign-ups and sales exponentially. My well-defined process includes in-depth customer interviews and extensive research to ensure we’re speaking the same language as your customers. Once published, I’ll guide you through the testing and optimizing process, so you know your website is in the top 1% when it comes to conversions.

Email Copy

Whether you’re looking for an automated email flow to convert prospects into customers, increase use or reduce churn, or just looking for a weekly newsletter, I’ve got you covered.

AARRR! No, it’s not a pirate, it’s the framework I use to ensure your SaaS business is performing optimally at every part of the customer journey. It stands for:

  • Activation
  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referral 

Specialist SaaS Copywriting & Content Creation

You may have achieved product-market fit, but if you don’t have the right words to describe your SaaS product, you’re going to waste a helluva lot of money acquiring customers and watching them churn like a milkmaid on a deadline.

When your copy doesn’t perform, you lose customers to competitors who have spent the time and hired the expertise to get it right…even if they have a worse product.

But when you do it right…boy, do things start to look a lot different!

When you can describe your audiences’ pain points better than they can, they assume you have the best solution.

When you’ve achieved not just product-market fit, but product-marketing-messaging fit, you can practically feel the situation changing – your leads shoot through the roof, your outbound sales reps cut through sales calls like butter and your competition gets left in the dust.

SaaS Books
This isn't just a job to me. I read this stuff for fun!

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Here’s the thing…

You hired expert engineers to build your product, so why wouldn’t you hire an expert in copywriting and content creation to grow it?

You may well have just found the person that will help you grow your SaaS business…don’t let this opportunity pass by. Book a copywriting discovery call now.

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